Ignorance Is No Defense: What You Should Know About ERC

CPAs have a professional responsibility to review the nuances and contours of the Employee Retention Credit following recent updates especially considering the IRS’s announcements on the moratorium (IR-2023-169) and claims withdrawal process. It’s imperative that firms protect their clients and ensure they partner with a reputable provider, or else their clients risk running afoul of the IRS.

Firms have a duty to manage their clients’ claims and confirm they are properly qualified and substantiated. Join former IRS Commissioner of SB/SE Eric Hylton, Former Congressman Rick Lazio, and alliantgroup Executive Vice President Sonny Grover as they host a technical conversation guiding you through the correct process to claim the credit.

Learning Objectives:

  • CPAs professional responsibility when clients choose a third-party ERC provider, and how to ensure their validity
  • Why only 2.5% of 500,000 government mandates actually qualify for ERC
  • The recent IRS moratorium on processing ERC claims as well as the claims withdrawal program
  • How to properly substantiate the credit with documentation

* Attendees will receive 1 hour of CPE credit

Eric Hylton, alliantgroup National Director, Former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self Employed Division

Eric Hylton

alliantgroup National Director
Former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self Employed Division

Rick Lazio, alliantgroup Sr. Vice President, Former U.S. Congressman

Rick Lazio

alliantgroup Sr. Vice President
Former U.S. Congressman

Sonny Grover, Executive Vice President

Sonny Grover

Executive Vice President